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We have visited 100's of service web sites that don't show thier prices. We don't want to be that kind of business so here is a round up of our prices.

Web Design - From 475.00

Virtual Assistant - from 20.00 per hour

Admin Services - from 15.00 per hour

Gardening - from 10.00 per man hour
                   Lawns from 5.00 (dependent on size)

General Maintenance - from 12.50 per man hour

Domestic Cleaning - 12.50 per man hour

Ironing - 12.50 for 20 Casual Items (no shirts, duvet covers or sheets) 
              Shirts 1.00 per item
              Sheets/Duvet Covers 1.00 per item

Because we offer so many services (some of which we don't even know we offer yet) it is tough to give a price for everything but we hope that we have given you a good idea.
We are always happy to come out and quote for a job that needs to be seen.

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