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Here are some ideas of what we could do for you - There is so much more we can do (but our heads were hurting from too much thinking). Why not get in touch, see if we can tick your list.

Walk The Dog
Weed The Garden
Type a Document
Clean The Oven
Water The Plants
Hang A Picture
Design Website
Teach Computer Skills
Dig The Veg Patch
Find The Right Gift

Clean The House
Paint The Fence
Complete The Spreadsheet
Do The Shopping
Put Up The Christmas Decorations
Feed The Rabbit
Run An Errand
Clean The Car
Sew Up a Seam
Research a Project
Iron The Shirts
Change a Lightbulb
Reply To Emails
Design Party Invitation
Hang Out The Washing
Fill Out A Form
Build Flat Pack
Assist Virtually
File The Paperwork

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