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What does Tick Your List do?
We do the jobs that you can't/dont want/haven't got time to do. In essence we are an odd job company. If you live locally we will even come and change your light bulb. We also provide internet/distance services such as Virtual Assistant, Web Design, Admin Support. Here is a list of jobs we could do.

Is there anything you can't do?
We are not plumbers, electritions, builders or mechanics so complex jobs in these areas would require a proffessional. But if you have a request that you think is strange, as long as it is within the law the chances are we will be able to do it.

How much will it cost?
With such a range of services on offer you can understand that we have a range of prices. Here is a list of prices.
We are not opposed to a bit of haggling so if you have a job for us and we haven't already listed a price why not make us a reasonable offer, if you really can't bring yourself to make an offer we can negotiate our way to a price that both parties' agree on.

I live in your town and would like a pint of milk can you bring it?
Yes we can and often we would be able to do that within 30 minutes although sometimes we are very busy but we will fit you in as soon as possible.

I live 30 miles away and would like a pint of milk can you bring it?
In short Yes! However for us to drive 30 miles to deliver a pint of milk would be rather costly not only to you but also to the environment....not to mention your tea/coffee would get cold while you waited!

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